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Great News on the Way for Canadian Clothing Retailers: Global Apparel Showroom

Great News on the Way for Canadian Clothing Retailers: Global Apparel Showroom

Clothing retailers can boost higher profit margins with reduced costs due to an upcoming platform that boasts access to a plethora of international clothing suppliers. The Global Apparel Showroom will exhibit clothing apparel ranging from fabric, wool and leather textiles, winter apparel and shoes to name a few from leading overseas suppliers from China, India, Bangladesh, and more.

Top 4 Benefits of attending the Global Apparel Showroom

1. Approval and Selection of Products and Samples in Person
A major pitfall of buying from online supplier websites such as Alibaba is that buyers are not able to physically see the products. This results in taking a gamble on product quality and accuracy. Additionally, most suppliers do not upload genuine pictures of their products and samples are usually available at high costs due to shipping. Moreover, this time-consuming option does not necessarily guarantee that the product will be approved. In the event of buyer dissatisfaction, switching to a new supplier and going through the entire sample ordering process again would result in increased expenses and wasted time.

In contrast, when shopping at the showroom, retailers have access to a plethora of suppliers. They can buy with confidence by eliminating the risk of receiving poor quality products all while saving time and money.

2. Increased Communication
When doing business with international suppliers online, language barriers may make it challenging to communicate the buyer’s product requirements. This may result in buyers receiving erroneous products. This can be avoided with improved clarity in communication when purchasing in person.

3. Improved Negotiation Outcomes
Negotiating back and forth online on supplier websites wastes time as the buyer and seller operate in different time zones and responses are not instantaneous. This usually leads to unsuccessful negotiation outcomes. Face-to-face communication inherently yields better results by enabling relationship building, trust, and an increased likelihood of mutually beneficial decisions.

4. Reduced Costs for Retailers
Meeting with suppliers in person allows retailers to benefit from buying locally at overseas prices all while being certain of the product quality, which ultimately allows for increased profit margins.

Additionally, when retailers order locally, they also benefit from waiving additional shipping costs that they would have otherwise encountered when purchasing products online (i.e. Delivered Duty Paid costs)

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