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Growing Canadian Apparel Market: A Positive Sign for Oversees Suppliers

The Canadian apparel imports market has seen an almost 40% increase in
just 5 years! What’s more, did you know that Canada imports more apparel than it
actually exports? In recent years, the total value of apparel manufactured in Canada
(GDP) has seen a steady decrease while the exact opposite is true for imports. These
factors combined, create a promising opportunity for overseas apparel exporters
looking to enter the market, especially with the growing size of the apparel market
as a whole over the years.

The top 6 importers in the Canadian apparel market are mainly comprised of
countries in the Asian continent, which shows a significant demand for their
products. The list includes China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, and the
United States.

That being said, with the up and coming Global Apparel Trade Showroom,
there is great news on the way for local Canadian clothing retailers. Local retailers
soon stand to benefit from buying wholesale products at a fraction of the cost from
oversees suppliers. If you are a clothing supplier or retailer who is interested in this
opportunity, please read more about it here.


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